How To Register A Team

In order to ease the management of multiple athletes of the same gym/team, Fight Planner supports a simple group management feature. Each registered user can found a team or join a team
If you are a registered and logged in user go to the following site and register your team: Team Registration

How To Join A Team

To join a team, click in the navigation bar on your name and then "Edit Profile" (see picture below):

Scroll down to the section "Joined Teams", select the team you want to join and click on "Send Affiliation Request".

The team manager (usually the team founder) must confirm the request, in order to finish the admission.

How To Confirm A Team Affiliation Request

One of the team managers must go to the website of the team (Click on "Teams" -> "Joined Teams" and click on the name of the relevant team)

Click on "Edit Page", scroll down to the section "Members" and confirm the membership requests.